Dr. Raji Baskaran

Venture Advisor

Dr. Raji Baskaran is a leading expert in IoT and sensor-enabled systems, currently serving as CEO and Founder of Manifolds Lab. She brings a wealth of knowledge on technology strategy, scaling products and managing cross-functional / cross-cultural global teams to Vivarium. With 15+ years of experience at Intel, including roles in silicon R&D, supply chain management, wearable technologies and AI/NLP enterprise products, she holds 35+ patents and has authored numerous research publications. In 2017, she was honored as a member of the Hall of Fame by SEMI, MEMS and Sensors Industry Groups. Additionally, she is a venture partner, advisor, and consultant to companies in the IoT, MEMS, and semiconductor markets. Raji holds a Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara, Masters from Cornell, and Bachelors from IIT Madras and is also an affiliate Professor at University of Washington. She co-founded Superbloom Studios, a consulting firm focused on inclusivity and data science.